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What Pilates Will Not Do For You (or why Pilates does not equal looking like Pippa Middleton)

on May 30, 2012

You know what irritates me?

People who claim that x will equal y. Or at least people who imply it. It struck me the other day while I was catching up on literature (aka- reading celebrity gossip magazines). That many celebrities claim they do Pilates (which they probably do, I mean – what else would you do with all that time/money?) and claim it is their secret for looking fab.

This is a lie.

I mean, I love pilates. I credit it for a lot in my life. (muscles without weight lifting, lack of headaches, abs, faster running times, relaxation, stretching)

But- Pilates will not make you look like this:


(Pippa credits her physique to Pilates class, which helps her escape her stressful life. Right.)

OR This:


(Keri credits her figure to biking (I’m assuming not the Lance Armstrong kind) Pilates, and running after her two year old)

OR any other celebrity who claims it is their only fitness secret. Because it is NOT their ONLY fitness secret. You better believe that said celebrity has trainers, and cooks, and fancy running gear, and people who motivate them to run etc. etc. etc.

Pilates will change your body. No doubt. But you gotta do other stuff as well. Eat clean, do cardio, keep moving.


Celebrity Culture – why must you lie to me!?

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2 responses to “What Pilates Will Not Do For You (or why Pilates does not equal looking like Pippa Middleton)

  1. This is an important message! I’m a big Yogi and practice everyday but I don’t lose weight (or even maintain) if I’m not watching what I eat in my life also.

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